Simplicity Of Dr. Abdul Kalam

This is an inspirational short story of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and his simplicity. Dr. Kalam was the 11th president and well-known scientist of India.

He spent the more than four decades as a scientist and science administrator before becoming the president, mainly on the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and he was indulged in India’s civilian space program and military missile development efforts. He was also known as India’s Missile Man.

Simplicity Of Abdul Kalam
Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (15 Oct 1931 – 27 July 2015), Image Source

Once he was operating a team of 70 scientists on an important project. During that project, one of the scientists of that team requested Dr. Kalam whether he could go early at 5:30 pm that evening because he has promised to take his children to an exhibition.

Dr. Kalam allowed that scientist to go home. That scientist got busy doing scientific work. After some time, the scientist realized that he was working 8:30 pm at night. He goes to find his operator Dr. Kalam but he does not see him anywhere. The scientist stormed out of his home in a hurry. While going home, he thinks sadly what will he going to say to his children.

On reaching home, he saw that his children are not at home. Seeing this, he asked his wife about children. His wife says, “You do not know?” Your boss came here at 5:15 and took the children to show the exhibition.

The next day, that scientist Dr. Thank you for Kalam and asks why he took so much trouble for him.

Dr. Kalam said that I saw you doing the work, you were working wholeheartedly and I knew that you would not leave the incomplete work. I knew that you had promised your children to take them to an exhibition, and that promise should not be broken because of your work, Therefore, I took the children to the exhibition.

Seeing the simplicity of Dr. Kalam, the scientist was stunned, despite being a boss, he took his children to the exhibition.

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