Karoly Takacs-Focus always finds a way to win

This is an inspiring short story about Karoly Takacs and his determination. Karoly Takacs was one of the soldiers of the Hungarian army. Until 1936, he was considered one of the best pistol shooters in the world. Takacs wanted to bring gold medal in the Olympics for their country.

Karoly Takacs in pistol shooting competition
Károly Takács (1910-1976)

At that time, the officers of the army’s top posts got the opportunity to participate in the Olympics. Because of being the sergeant of Takacs at the Summer Olympics in 1936, he was not given place in the Hungarian national shooting team. Despite not being able to become a member of the team, Takacs did not lose courage and waited for the right time.

After the Berlin Games, the rule was dropped in Hungary. Now the dream of bringing gold medal in the Olympics was taking shape. He was so good at pistol shooting that the people were confident that he would win a gold medal in the 1940 Olympic Games held in Tokyo.

Being a sergeant in the Army, he had to take part in all the work of the Army as well as his shooting training. About a month before the Olympics qualification Games, Karoly Takacs was trying to wage war with a troop of his army, then suddenly a grenade broke out in his right hand between practice. All the dreams of Takacs Takacs were suddenly broken, he could not succeed even by coming so close to his goal.

Karoly Takacs spent many days in the hospital with sadness. His Olympics dream was broken, and due to loss of his right hand, he was unable to recover from the grief. But Takacs did not accept defeat. He handled himself and decided that he would learn pistol shooting with his left hand.

After leaving the hospital, he started practicing target with the left hand. No one knew that what he was doing, the people felt that he had gone into the shock due to losing his right hand.

The Hungarian national shooting competition was being organized in the summer of 1939, Takacs also reached the competition venue. Seeing Takacs there, all the contestants came to express their condolences to him. Many people were praising him because even after losing his hand, he showed courage to come up to watch the games.

When Takacs told the people that he did not appear in the championship as an audience but in the form of a competitor. All the people were surprised to hear this from Takac, they did not understand how Takacs would participate in the competition even after not having his right hands. The surprise and surprise of the people were not known when Takacs won the national championship on their left hand. People were surprised and curious when Takacs won the national championship

But still, the winning dream in the Olympics Games was incomplete. Takacs started preparing for the next Olympics but due to World War II, the Olympics of 1940 and 1944 were canceled. Takacs dream of winning the gold medal at the Olympics started to blur.

But it is said that wherever there is a desire, there is a path. Takacs himself promised that the bo will continue to win at the Olympics at any cost.

Take the practice of shooting the pistol with Takacs stereo determination and unwavering faith. After all, Takacs got the chance to become a contestant in the Olympics Games in London in 1948. Takacs won the gold medal at Olympics in London at the age of 38, along with many new records in the pistol shooting sphere.

Karoly Takacs did not stop even after winning a gold medal, and they again won the gold medal in the Olympics in Helsinki in 1952.

MORAL: If you want to achieve your goals then you should never give up in life.

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