Alexander And The Three Last Wishes

This is a short moral story of Great Alexander, a famous Greek king. Alexander is counted among the great kings of the world. He wanted to win the whole world and he had not lost any battle in his life. He was known as Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great(356 BC – 323 BC), Image Source

His army was tired because of the countless constant wars and his soldiers were unable to fight for further war. Alexander wanted to fight even further, but seeing the condition of his army, he decides to return to his country, Greece.

When he was returning to his home after winning countless countries, an unknown disease makes him his victim. Many well-known doctors and physicians call upon to treat Alexander, but they seem to have failed.

Alexander slowly begins to feel that he conquered countries, wealth, treasure, and slaves have no meaning. Alexander starts to feel that his death is coming soon. Seeing his condition, he started feeling that he would not be able to return to his country.

Alexander ordered all his generals and ministers to come together. When all the ministers gathered around him, he told his ministers, I do not think that I will remain alive for a long time. I have three last wishes, and I want you to complete all my wishes after my death.

My first wish is that only my doctor and physician should carry my coffin.

After taking a deep breath, Alexander speaks, “My second wish is that when my coffin is taken to the tomb, then all the gold, silver and jewels from my treasures should be spread on the way.”

With a little while, Alexander speaks, ” My last wish is that when you take me for burial, both of my hands should be out of the coffin.

All the ministers and court officials were surprised to hear Alexander’s strange wishes. Everyone wanted to know the cause of Alexander’s final wishes, but no one was able to raise the courage to ask Alexander.

Then a close friend of Alexander, holding his hand, asks politely, my majesty, all your wishes will be fulfilled in the manner you have described, but we all want to know the reason behind your wishes.

After a deep breath, Alexander speaks, I have learned three very important lessons in my life and I want all the people to know about it.

I want my coffin to be taken only by my doctor so that people can know that when your death is in front of you, even the best doctors cannot cure your disease.

In the second desire, I want to tell my people that there is no use to pursue wealth because, in the end, all the wealth remains in the dust. I have spent all my life in the quest for riches, but now in the last time of my life, I feel that I have wasted all my life pursuing wealth.

In my last wish, I want to let my people know that I came to this world with empty hands and I will leave this world also with empty hands.”

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